English entry test: what is it?

The English entry test is a non compulsory test students who will attend the first year of either a Bachelor’s or a Single-Cycle Master’s Degree Course are asked to take in order to assess their level of competence.

Excepetions and notes:

  • students who will enrol in the following degree courses are exempted from taking the English entry test: Business administration and management, Digital Education, Digital Marketing, Economics and Finance, European Languages and Cultures, International Economics and Marketing, Primary Teacher Education, Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Strategic Sciences, Technologies for the Smart Industry;
  • if you enrol in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology you will take the test on your 2nd yr of course (A.A. 2024-2025). You will receive relevant information by the Department in due time.


The test asses:

  • listening comprehension - only for some degree courses
  • reading comprehension
  • syntax and vocabulary knowledge

The cut-score to reach either B1 (or B2 where applicable) level is 60% of correct answers.

A technical simulation of each exercise type can be found at the following link (opens in a new tab): mock test page



  • Download and read the 23-24 English entry test flyer: flyer

    Please remember that on the day of the test you need to bring with you your UNIMORE or SPID username and password, a valid ID or VISA, headphones or ear-pods (3,5 mm jack only)
  • Procedure to register for the English entry test: how to register (opens on a new tab)

A.A. 2023-2024

English 23-24 entry test first session scheduled dates: download the timetable (opens in a new tab)


English 23-24 entry test second session scheduled dates: download the timetable (opens in a new tab)




Information / Organisation: information desk

Technical assistants: Daniele Galasso, Massimo Massarenti

Assistance desk fo students with disabilities or specific needs: Margherita Pelleriti



1. Is it a compulsory test? No, it is not, although it is strongly recommended.

2. Can I take the test even if I have an international certificate of English? Yes, you can. The Degree Course dedicated board will decide whether your certificate can grant you exemptions and/or ECTS.

3. I've never studied English before: shall I take the test? No, you shall not.

4. What can I do to prepare for the test? You can revise grammar, lexis, listening and reading comprehnesion on a good high school student's book.

5. Where can I find date, time and venue to take the test? These data will be assigned you during the registration process.

6. If, despite being regularly registered, I can't show up for the test, what shall I do? If any seats are available, you can register for the second date session.

7. Can I take the test more than once? No, the test can be taken only once.

8. I'm not sure: what if I change my mind and apply for a different degree course after I've taken the test? Shall I take the test again? Generally speaking, no, you shouldn't take it again, though you had better check with either the English teacher or the Course secretariat of the degree course you will enrol in what you should do. You should also let them know if you have been granted an exemption from the previous test you have taken.

9. How long does the test last? Around one hour.