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Why a Tandem?

Because it's one of the most natural and fun ways to learn a foreign language! Think about it: two students with a different mother tongue meet for a coffee or in a park (or anywhere they want!) to chat half of the time in one language, half of the time in the other. In this way, both can easily practice the foreign language they want to learn with a native speaker of that language.

Tandems are based on two main principles:

  • reciprocity: students should allocate the same amount of time to each language and be able to reap the same benefits from the exchange. Each tandem partner is available to the other in an equal exchange;
  • autonomous learning: students are individually responsible for their own learning process and do not expect didactic guidance from their partner.

Who can participate

All students who are enrolled in a Degree Course at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, as well as all foreign students and scholars on an exhange programme with our University. In fact, the best opportunity for tandem exchanges is offered by the presence of foreign students coming to our University from the EU and extra-EU countries taking part in the international exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, Overseas, Marco Polo/Turandot, etc.

How to participate

Please fill in the application form and send it to

The Language Centre will match you with a partner as soon as one is available and you will be contacted about the possible match (matches may sometimes take a little longer, but don't worry! Your application will remain valid until a suitable partner is found).

Once both students have confirmed the match, your Tandem will be ready to start! You will be able to contact each other and arrange your meetings autonomously.


  In case of problems or unexpected events (for example, you can't reach your partner, you have to give up the project, etc.), please inform the Language Centre promptly by writing an email to