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Online German courses


The A1 course deals with the basics of the language and is aimed at beginners and false beginners. Using it learners will be prepared for the Common European Framework for Languages A2 level and they can practice listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.

The A2 course is focused on language knowledge at elementary level and is ideal for learners who already have accomplished the A1 level. Learners can practice listening, reading, writing and deal with grammar and vocabulary quizzes. Once this level is mastered, learners will be ready for a B1 course.



The courses are divided into units consisting of:

  • inputs (recordings, videos, images, sentences, dialogues, texts)
  • grammar and vocabulary tables
  • quizzes and exercises (multiple-choice, T/F, matching, fill in the gaps etc...)



A1 course: access page

A2 course: access page