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Erasmus courses OUT

The Language Centre organizes and offers to Erasmus outgoing students language courses held by native speaker instructors and online self-study courses. 

Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese 


- Erasmus+ outgoing students.

** Students who intend to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility can apply for online courses. 


Students who require a language certificate to access foreign universities have to sit a PLACEMENT TEST to assess their language competencies. Those who reach a A1 level have to attend a compulsory language course. 

Placement test takes place on May/June 2024


General information about the courses

  • Language courses held by native speakers - from A2 to B2 level of the CEFR - will take place in June and July

          Lessons can be held in person or at distance and the certificate of attendance will be released in case of a 70% attendance.


  • Online self-study courses are available for students wishing to practise a foreign language autonomously. Languages available: English, German, Spanish


Click on the following links to get access to the online courses you are interested in:

English A2 (open access)

English B1

German A1, German A2 (please request access to these courses here)

Spanish A1, Spanish A2, Spanish B1 (please request access to these courses here)


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