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Italian language courses for foreign students and scholars

  Each semester, the University Language Centre organises Italian language courses, which aim at improving foreign students' and scholars' linguistic and cultural competence and promoting their introduction into the Italian academic environment.

The Language Centre's Italian language courses are free and open to all foreign students and scholars studying and working at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.


  • Each semester, exchange students (Erasmus+, Overseas, ICM, etc.) are offered Italian language courses at levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. These courses are activated based on exchange students' prior competences and grant 4 Educational Credits upon passing the final exam.
N.B. Admission into the Italian regular courses is subjected to students' results in the Italian placement test and it is not possible for students to choose which level they want to attend. This is very important information for Erasmus students who decide to add an Italian course to their Learning Agreements. (more info in the regular courses section from the menu on the left)


  • International students can take part in the Basic and Elementary courses, which are activated during the first/second semester or throughout the academic year, based on availability (these courses do not grant Educational Credits).

Foreign scholars who need or want to learn Italian will be placed in the most suitable course, subject to availability.


For further information about Italian language courses, please select the relevant option from the menu on the left.


Absolute beginners who are not able to attend classes or need additional resources, as well as all the exchange students whose level in Italian is not high enough to access regular courses, can take the self-study online course (this course does not grant Educational Credits).