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Online Italian courses

Who's eligible?

The A1 course is aimed at UNIMORE international students who are eager to learn the basics of Italian language, and at students in exchange programs (Erasmus+, MORE Overseas, ICM etc...) who sat the placement test but weren't eligible for taught classes.

The online course is also available to students who cannot attend their courses regularly and who need to improve their skills through additional study.

Please note that completing the online course will not grant any Educational Credits (CFU) or certificates of attendance.



The A1 course deals with the basics of the language and is aimed at beginners and false beginners, who can practice with writing and grammar and vocabulary quizzes.



The course is divided into units consisting of:

  • inputs (images, sentences, dialogues, texts)
  • grammar and vocabulary tables
  • quizzes and exercises (multiple-choice, T/F, matching, fill in the gaps etc...)



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